Police Stations in Sonepat

Sonepat police is authorized to exercise the civil power of within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. The alternative names of its force include civic guard, civil guard, law enforcement agency, crime prevention and so on. They have many police stations located in different regions, villages, localities or sectors for handling any emergency-like situation and maintaining the law and order in the city.

Police of Sonepat

List of Police Stations in Sonepat

Sonepat city has many police stations located in different regions, districts or areas. Some of them are listed below:

Police Stations in Sonepat

Baroda Police Station
Tel: 1263 – 266160
Mob: 9896918027

City Gohana Police Station
Tel: 1263 – 257591
Mob: 9896918026

City Sonipat Police Station
Tel: 130 – 2240520
Mob: 9896918015

Civil Lines Sonipat Police Station
Tel: 1264 – 2242366
Mob: 9896918016

Ganaur Police Station
Tel: 1264 – 2460037
Mob: 9896918023

Kharkhoda Police Station
Tel: 1264 – 2584525
Mob: 9896918028

Kundli Police Station
Tel: 1264 - 2371131, 2219931
Mob: 9896918022

Mohana Police Station
Tel: 1264 – 2555610
Mob: 9896918024

Murthal Police Station
Tel: 1264 - 2482562, 2482013
Mob: 9896918019

Rai Police Station
Tel: 1264 – 2366370
Mob: 9896918021
Address: GT Road (NH-1), Sector 37, Sonipat

Sadar Gohana Police Station
Tel: 1263 – 252005
Mob: 9896918025

Sadar Sonipat Police Station
Tel: 130 – 2220522
Mob: 9896918017

Women Sonipat Police Station
Mob: 9896918029

Uggrasen Nagar Police Station
Tel: 0130 224 0520

Highway Police Station
Address: Sector 8 NH 1, Sonipat

If there is a need of support, just dial 100 and get the desired assistance from the local police. One can even contact to any of these above-mentioned police stations that are located in different regions for getting any help.

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